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On behalf of the Citizens “Refugee Support Group” we want to welcome you to our town!

Who we are:

Our voluntary Group consists of approximately 100 Taufkirchen citizens of various ages, backgrounds, and religions. We are all working together to make you feel safe and welcome here in our home town. Thereby we closely liaise with the Social Workers of Caritas and the Security staff in the Hall.

What we offer you:

To help you on your way toward integration we provide a number of supportive measures:

The Caritas Social Workers have details and can help you to contact our team. Just talk to them. Also members of our team will be visiting the air-dome as well as the fell home accomodation.

Mutual respect and good will on both sides are most important. We are aware that many things are very different from what you were used to. Learning the German language as quickly as possible and respecting our way of life are the essential keys to finding work, friends and a normal life.

We know that you are faced with many problems and worries right now. This we understand. The Support Group will help in many ways.

Please don’t hesitate to meet us. We are looking forward to it.

Team “Helferkreis Asyl in Taufkirchen”

PS: On the Links page you can find further information to Germany, Munich, Taufkirchen … and so on.

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